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Get yourself an e-bike

The Velectrix Urban 2.0. shaved 30 minutes of my commute, and made that commute a much more pleasant experience.

A few things I couldn’t fit into the word count for print:

The experience riding in Melbourne is so much nicer than in Sydney. Not only is the city much flatter, but there are bike paths everywhere! And in Melbourne, motorists seem to acknowledge your existence, and do not wish to see you dead.

Since looking into affordable e-bikes, I’ve found two other options for Victorians. The RACV has an e-bike purchasing program from $70 a month (until the bike is paid off, around three years) that includes road side assistance and insurance. There’s also a Melbourne start up called e-stralian, with a much larger selection of bikes, that offers novated leasing, and if your employer agrees, you can even get the bikes on a salary sacrifice program.

Source: Affordable electric bikes are now a reality