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Peter Wells Posts

Oppo R7 review: Android in iOS clothing

The R7 is the latest smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Oppo​. Oppo is a giant on its home turf, and is making inroads into the Australian market with a collection of impressive, and impressively priced, handsets. (read more)

Why Plantronics’ BackBeat SENSE headphones are the only ones you’ll ever need

Over the past year I’ve tested far too many headphones. Some were fantastic for specific uses, like the phenomenal Bose QuietComfort 25s, the best noise-cancelling headphones I’ve ever used. Others fit a single task well – like headphones for running or gaming – but failed in most other situations. A few pairs of headphones were incredible, but were too expensive for me to recommend. Others just plain sucked. (read more)

OS X El Capitan’s new security features make Apple’s Mac more like iOS

Apple has released a public beta of its latest operating system for the Mac, El Capitan. While Apple is touting speed improvements and new search features, it is a feature under the hood that has caught the eye of developers and system administrators. Security Integrity Protection is a new feature of OS X that aims to protect users from malicious code infecting the operating system. (read more)

This is the year of the Android camera

Earlier this year, HTC updated its flagship phone, the HTC One. The new model was a stunning piece of hardware, a beautifully moulded slab of aluminium and glass. The software matched the hardware; the operating system and built in apps had a gorgeous, cohesive design. The HTC One had only one flaw, but it was a deal breaker; the camera sucked. (read more)

Slack: a true email killer?

Out of nowhere, Slack has become the default chat program for the world’s coolest companies. Thanks to a generous number of features on the free tier, and word of mouth from its passionate users, Slack is experiencing hockey-stick growth. Now, like Dropbox before it, the platform is sneaking its way into the enterprise. But what the hell is Slack? (read more)

Apple Watch: a rushed response to Android Wear

Last week, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the future of the Apple Watch became clearer. Apple have handed a watchOS Software Development Kit to developers, which will allow native apps to run on their latest device. Alongside native Apps, Apple debuted a new layer on top of their personal assistant Siri, called Proactive. Proactive aims to bring Google Now smarts to iOS, and by extension, the Apple Watch. Soon, Siri will be able to read your email and calendar appointments, and offer you information about your day, without you having to request the information. (read more)