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Peter Wells Posts

Apple WatchOS 2 review: a rather maddening experience

With the launch of watchOS 2, I thought it was time to take another look at the Apple Watch, to see whether the new software has transformed it into a must-have gadget. I’m not sure it has. While I’ve enjoyed wearing the Watch these past few weeks, the enjoyment is based purely on gadget lust than from any utility the Apple Watch provides. (read more)

Sony Xperia Z5 review: opening day jitters for Sony’s flagship

There’s no such thing as the perfect smartphone. There’s no one size fits all. The best you can do is find a manufacturer whose priorities align closest to yours. The market leaders all aspire to create a sleek, desirable smartphone, but the subtle differences in priorities lead to very different final products. (read more)

Keep taking the tablets: encounters with Androids

Android tablets have long been second-class citizens compared to Apple’s iPad, but two new devices from Sony and Samsung are challenging this idea. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and the Sony Xperia Z4 are fantastic handheld computers. Both can connect to 4G, have beautiful screens, and you can upgrade storage on either with a micro SD card. And both units are lighter than Apple’s iPad Air 2. Which will be right for you depends on your budget, how you plan to use your tablet, and what devices you want to connect to them. (read more)

Today’s News: Apple punches Google

Just one new app is featured in iOS 9, but it could well be the most significant app from Apple in years. News, coming to Australia in iOS 9.1, is Apple’s latest attempt to give media publishers a modern platform for newspapers and magazines. (read more)

OS X El Capitan review: Apple’s Mac operating system comes of age

In recent history, Apple have taken a tick-tock approach to OS X upgrades. One year, on the tick cycle, they’ve jammed in new features. The following year, they’ve kept new features to a minimum and refined the OS for performance; focusing on improving speed and reliability. (read more)

IFA 2015: Samsung wants to watch you eat, sleep, work and play

Samsung used their morning session at the 2015 IFA conference in Berlin to promote themselves as the logical centre of the internet of things. Samsung would like to track your every move, from the moment you wake up, until you fall asleep in front of one of their televisions, but only if you’ll let them. (read more)

How to keep sane during baby’s first weeks

Spring is a great time to be a technology journalist. Apple, Sony and Samsung announce their hero products around this time to ensure strong sales over Christmas. IFA, which is just a week away, has become a highlight of the new tech season. This year I had another major announcement to look forward to, the birth of my first child. (read more)