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Category: Technology

A collection of technology articles from my weekly technology column

IKEA’s Tradfri smart lights review

Despite the lack of publicity around this range and the difficulty setting them up, it is clearly popular.

The first time I tried to buy a handful of downlights at the Richmond store they were completely sold out.IKEA’s Tradfri dimmer can be stuck anywhere and operated with a twist.A store assistant said the downlights in particular tend to sell out immediately, which makes sense when you consider IKEA charges $14 per downlight compared to $59 for a Philips Hue. Thankfully you can order online and once I did a box full of downlights arrived the next day.

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Sonos Beam is my favourite Soundbar

The Beam produces remarkable sound for its tiny weight and size. Inside the unit, four woofers fire off in different directions to create room-filling sound. Audio is warm and clear, but what really amazes me is the level of bass from this tiny unit; it’s hard to believe it’s coming out of the Beam without a connected, dedicated subwoofer, although Sonos would be happy to sell you one if you still need more rumbling.

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GoPro Hero8 review

A few years ago it was easy to write off GoPro, the California-based action camera company. But GoPro’s had a terrible few years, losing market share to no-name knock-offs on the low end and seeing its core value proposition — the waterproof, go anywhere camera — included in almost every mobile phone. It was hard to see a way forward. (read more)

You can put this soundbar to the Mad Max test

Home theatre speakers were once just a luxury for audiophiles and film geeks, but as televisions become thinner, forcing TV speakers to become shallow and tinny, the need for separate audio hardware has increased. Modern soundbars are now good enough to replicate the room filling sound of older home theatre systems in a much more convenient package, and a decent soundbar should be factored into the price of any television upgrade. (read more)