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Category: Reviews

You can put this soundbar to the Mad Max test

Home theatre speakers were once just a luxury for audiophiles and film geeks, but as televisions become thinner, forcing TV speakers to become shallow and tinny, the need for separate audio hardware has increased. Modern soundbars are now good enough to replicate the room filling sound of older home theatre systems in a much more convenient package, and a decent soundbar should be factored into the price of any television upgrade. (read more)

Apple Watch Series 4 review: running unopposed

The evolution of the smartwatch has been fascinating to track. The first modern smartwatch was arguably the Pebble (rest in peace), unveiled back in 2012. Sony and Samsung were in the race early too, but Google brought the idea into the mainstream and really defined what a modern smartwatch should be in 2014, with the release of Android Wear. (read more)

iOS 12 is out now, might actually make your iPhone faster

At last week’s iPhone launch, Apple gave the stage to Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. Her message included some impressive changes in manufacturing designed to help the environment; as an example, by simply moving the iPhone’s logic board to 100 per cent recycled tin, Apple will prevent the mining of over 10,000 tons of ore next year. (read more)