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Category: Podcasts

A collection of podcast articles from my weekly podcast column

Kids tackle big philosophical questions in podcast Short & Curly

Short & Curly is an ethics and philosophy podcast from ABC studios. What makes it unique is the audience; Short and Curly is produced for tweens. The show poses classic philosophical questions using examples children can relate to – like whether imposing a school uniform on children stifles individuality. Questions are knocked around by resident ethicist Matt Beard and adorably curious choir of children. Producer Kyla Slaven thinks a philosophy show for kids is a natural fit. (read more)

Love awful movies? There’s a podcast for that

There’s a perverse pleasure in watching an awful movie. The best bad movies earnestly believe themselves to be great – just as the best villains are heroes in their own film. My personal favourite is the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez think piece, Gigli – which after multiple viewings still manages to surprise me with its terrible acting, nonsensical plot and outright offensive dialogue. The incredible Sylvester Stallone vehicle, Cobra, which is equal parts erotic thriller, ’80s action movie and Pepsi commercial, is a close second. (read more)

Podcasts explore mental health with humour and candid insights

Podcasts are a powerful medium to explore mental health issues. The simple format of audio recordings – without the lights and camera of television or the preparation and self-censoring of print – can help prompt more intimate revelations in a host or guest. Listening to a recording in headphones creates an equality intimate bond between host and listener. (read more)

OzPod 2018 brings podcasting enthusiasts together

Melbourne’s Federation Square will play host to OzPod on October 17. Now in its third year, OzPod is a celebration of audio storytelling; bringing together hosts, producers, industry analysts and indie podcasters to share anecdotes and inspiration. (read more)

Leave your phone at home: Podcasts come to Apple Watch

Cast your mind back to 2005, the year podcasts debuted on iTunes and iPods around the world. It’s hard to remember the countless articles about iPod zombies, isolating themselves from the world in their white ear-bud bubbles. Now, as we end a decade of collectively staring at our smartphones, the thought of mere audio as a distraction seems almost quaint. (read more)

Let Wilson guide you to a podcast you might otherwise miss

Podcast apps tend to follow the same basic structure. There’s a directory of shows – usually powered by iTunes, and the show you’ve subscribed too – divided into individual playlists. Some tweak the formula a little, but generally, that is a podcast app. And then there’s Wilson. (read more)