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Category: Podcasts

A collection of podcast articles from my weekly podcast column

Pocket Casts has long been podcast users’ favourite app; now it’s free

Pocket Casts has long been our favourite way to find, subscribe and listen to podcasts. The app, available on Android, iPhones and the web, is simple enough for first-time listeners to get started, while still giving podcast power-users the ability to tweak every setting. For almost a decade, Pocket Casts charged a small fee for its apps, but starting from today those apps are free. (read more)

It takes a village, and an assortment of podcasts, to raise a child

Parenting is a tough gig. Keeping a little person alive can be challenging and without support you’re left second guessing every decision or wondering which interaction will be shared with a therapist decades from now. And let’s face it, babies are cute, but by God they can be boring; as are so many baby-related tasks, from breastfeeding and pumping, to the endless cycle of laundry and long late night sessions bouncing a baby back to sleep. Thankfully there are some excellent podcasts providing tips, alleviating guilt, and keeping parents company during those 3am feeds. (read more)

Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas step outside the Canberra bubble

ABC’s The Party Room is a biting and brilliant podcast on Australian politics from Radio National’s Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas. Depending on your level of engagement, the show will provide a top-level overview of the week that was, or for the political animal, a kind of director’s commentary from inside the Canberra bubble. (read more)