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A collection of podcast articles from my weekly podcast column

A handy guide to local daily news podcasts

One of the best semi-daily podcasts is Guardian Australia’s Full Story. The podcast is released three times a week, again focusing on a single story.

Laura Murphy-Oates may be the perfect podcast host for this format.She’s just so engaging to listen to; she’s witty and informative, and doesn’t shy away from letting you know her opinions on the stories she covers. She brings a tone that would never work in a standard new bulletin but feels pitch perfect for a podcast.

Source: A handy guide to local daily news podcasts

Russia If You’re Listening: Season 3

In a world awash with Trump news, scandals and podcasts devoted to the man, one of the best investigations is from Australia’s own ABC. Russia, If You’re Listening has been riveting from the start, as host Matt Bevan took us through the Robert Mueller investigation with help from the near-perfect audio production of producers Will Ockenden, Yasmin Parry and Ruby Jones.

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Barely Gettin’ By Podcast

“RMIT are really keen on moving into [the podcasting] space,” Shortis says. “I think it’s recognising an appetite for the extended expert comment. [When a major news story breaks] like the Trump impeachment, there is a real appetite for explaining that, making sense of it. RMIT, I think, is keen on getting in front of those stories and becoming the voice to explain it.

Source: News podcast: Barely Gettin’ By aims to explain