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Category: Apple

A love letter to the iPhone 11 camera

With the iPhone 11, these problems have been solved. I can take landscapes with HDR that include joggers or fast moving traffic in the foreground, and the image is captured perfectly. I’ve found myself only taking Portrait Mode images of our children — a four year old and a nine month old — and the camera always keeps up with their movements.

Source: Non-Pro iPhone 11 enough to provide a transformative camera experience

Finally, an Apple Laptop with a great keyboard

The much maligned butterfly keyboard has finally been replaced with a new and improved scissor mechanism. The keyboard is so much more comfortable to type on than the butterfly keyboards it replaces; keys have a satisfying bounce and 1mm of travel, and are far quieter.

Reliability and repairability have also been addressed; now if a crumb falls under a key, you can pop that single key off, instead of replacing the entire top cover of the keyboard; just like most other laptop keyboards on the market.

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AirPods Pro review: better than the original buds in every way

For the last year, when I’ve been asked for recommendations about truly wireless earbuds, my answer has been “if you’re an iPhone user, and you want convenience, battery life and just a great user experience, go AirPods, but if you value noise cancelling and don’t mind in-ear, the Jabra Elite 65t are better for you.” Now, the answer is simpler; buy whatever AirPods your budget can afford.

Source: AirPods Pro review: the best wireless buds for iPhone users

The iPad Mini is back and better than ever

After years of neglect, Apple has finally released an update to the iPad Mini. I switched from the regular sized iPad to the Mini when it was first released, and stuck with the smaller model for three generations, swapping back to a full sized iPad as phones became bigger and my eyes became older and weaker. But using the new Mini for the last few weeks was a reminder of how convenient this form factor is, and how cute. (read more)

New iPad Air is a happy medium

Last month Apple resurrected the iPad Air and iPad Mini, filling out the space in its current tablet offering between the lowest and highest ends. (read more)

Mac Mini (2018) review: a pint-sized powerhouse

Apple’s Mac Mini update has been a long time coming. The last significant update happened during Obama’s first term in office, or five prime ministers ago. Apple has re-pitched the Mini from a switcher’s or hobbyist Mac into a small but powerful workhorse, capable of running Xcode or Final Cut Pro as good as any other Mac in the lineup. (read more)

What made the list of best podcasts of 2018 according to Apple?

Apple has announced its list of most popular podcasts, and the shows its editors think are best, for 2018. The list is significant, as Apple is home to the world’s largest podcast directory, and accounts for the vast majority of podcast downloads. If you’re looking for a few new podcasts to subscribe to over the summer break, you’ll find some great suggestions. (read more)