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About Me

I’m a technology commentator, currently working with Swinburne University, and writing for the Sydney Morning Herald. I also appear regularly on The Daily Tech News Show, and host the Reckoner Australia podcast. I was previously front page editor for MacTalk, Australia’s largest Apple Community with over 500,000 page views per month.

I’m an Apple Certified Technical Co-ordinator and Trainer with many years experience building, supporting, and deploying desktop images to Apple computers in many environments. I complement my technical knowledge with excellent interpersonal skills thanks to many years of working in customer service roles.

In creative roles I’ve previously worked as an editor for The 2006 Commonwealth Games, taught Video Editing with Final Cut Pro at The Victorian College of The Arts and worked as a freelance Videographer and Editor for clients such as MTV Australia. My technical roles have seen me set up and administer software for small businesses, help companies switch to a Mac and iPhone environment and move to web-based services such as Google Apps.

Personally, I helped launch the MacTalk Australia podcast, Australia’s number one technology podcast. I’ve interviewed Tech Luminaries such as John Gruber, Merlin Mann, Tom Merritt, Marco Arment, Molly Wood and Leo Laporte.

I’ve spoken at conferences as diverse as Ad:Tech Sydney to SxSW in Austin Texas, Devworld and Xworld and Swipe. I MC’d the One More Thing iOS developer conference for three years.