Steve Jobs on privacy – 8 Years ago

I love Kara Swisher’s little “you here, Mark?” joke at the start of this question…

I really hope Apple can do something about Facebook at the iOS level, but of course, if they piss off Facebook too much, the company can tell it’s 1 Billion users to switch to Android for the best experience.

Introducing Anchor Videos for Web 

Earlier this year we launched Anchor 3.0, the easiest way to make podcast, ever. As part of our mission to democratize audio, we believe it’s important to innovate on how that audio is shared. It’s always been a chore to visualize audio segments for social media, and with our new web tools, it’s easier than ever.

With Anchor 3.0, the company matched everything Soundcloud was doing, but for free. Now they’re overtaking Soundcloud. It really makes me want to cast some pods again.

Source: Introducing Anchor Videos for Web – Anchor – Medium